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Join us in Los Angeles for Play Big and start 2018 off poised for a big profit in your creative business.

Creative Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Coaches, Experts, Wellness Professionals, Innovative Thinkers & Small Business Owners…

If you want a steady stream of clientsexciting collaborations, and multiple streams of stable income this event is perfect for you!


January 26 – 28th, 2018 All day


The Garland Hotel, North Hollywood, CA

Melissa McFarlane

Melissa McFarlane

Master Business Strategist & Coach, Founder of Creative Successful Entrepreneurs

Are You …

  • Spreading yourself thin trying to keep your business afloat?
  • Working all hours, fudging finances, postponing quality time with loved ones?
  • Cutting corners so you can “do what you love,” only to feel your energy and creativity sapped?
  • Running on the fumes of optimism, with not enough to show for your efforts? Feeling the potential, but also maybe a little bit angry and even slightly hopeless?
  • Suffering for your business, but you just can’t quit?
  • Ready for a better way? (You’re smart… smart enough to know it’s not what you already know that’s the problem — that it’s what you don’t know that is killing you right now.)
Breakout Success: Produce A Leap Forward In Income, Impact and Lifestyle With This 3-Day Intensive
Before I joined Melissa’s program, I was putting in massive effort for a fairly small return.  I had taken my “You Should Do Voiceover” classes from the germ of an idea to successful weekend workshops… but it wasn’t growing.  After coming to one of Melissa’s events, I realized that her training was exactly what I needed next.  I took a big gulp, made the leap, and within the first year, my income increased 5x to just under 6 figures.  Today, I run a multiple-six figure a year business.  I can’t imagine going back to the old way of thinking or being.  This successful entrepreneur thing is the new black… Once you try it, you won’t go back. Tish Hicks

Founder, Master Sensei, The VO Dojo

Ten times what I had earned previously! Before working with Melissa, I had been a successful actor, a literary manager, producer, and business owner. But four years of under-charging and over-promising had produced a workload that was simply unsustainable. Melissa helped me reorganize, get back time for life and family, and GET PAID what I was worth! Within a few short weeks we’d transformed my business, getting 10 times what I had earned for the same work previously! Randy Becker

Founder & CEO, NexTV Entertainment, connecting tomorrow’s great artists with today’s elite decision-makers in the entertainment industry

Like No Other Event

A Breakthrough for the Entrepreneur

PLAY BIG is a turning-point live event, where you get to annihilate entrenched blocks, totally revamp your business approach, and seize a better way for your business that reclaims the reason you started in the first place.

You’ll go beyond mindset and models to participate in active planning, revamping, and on-the-spot practice — with tools and techniques that will begin to immediately transform your under‑performing, overwhelming business into an energizing, profitable one.

Learn what’s working today in the social media and email marketing world.

Relax into a sales system that is comfortable for you.

Change the way you deliver services so that you work less and your clients get more.

Keep yourself organized with easy-to-implement systems that reduce administrative headaches, improve daily cash-flow and keep your team (or yourself) moving.

This year we are rolling up our sleeves for one power-packed day! Get ready to ditch the drama, distractions or doldrums and PLAY BIG in 2018! 99

This could be the year you turn a corner in your business with breakthrough pay, class-act clients who adore and need you, super-savvy services of which you’re truly proud, and a business that’s actually fun to run — all while having a bigger impact in your world and the world at large.

Event Details

Time to Transform Your Business, Your Life & the World

Unlocking & Unblocking

Key knowledge to change the deep-rooted behaviors and blocks that keep you stuck in un-productive cycles.

Marketing Secrets

Proven practices that take the guesswork out of marketing your business easily and effectively.

Easy Sales Conversations

My step-by-step process for totally comfortable, honest, high-care sales conversations that have prospects thanking you while laying down cash.
All in a supportive setting designed to help you brainstorm and find immediate applications for your own business. You will begin to revamp your business right away, the very same day, at this conference!

Agenda (Ready to roll-up your sleeves?)

EACH DAY of PLAY BIG is designed to get you learning and applying right away in the room, with daily hands-on roundtable trainings w/ key industry players in the fields you need to master – Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Money Management, How to Package and Sell your Products or Services, and more.

PLUS, PLAY BIG is the ONLY event that offers these six in-the-room transformations for Creative Entrepreneurs, delivered in just three days:

Day 1


Breakthrough devastating beliefs and behaviors that have kept your creative soul, talent and ideas hidden from the world. Finally stop the ‘dancing monkey’ routine that has you constantly working to please and keep your clients, while draining your focus, skill, and passion dry. Release fears and worry about your business and step into power and mastery at last.


Learn Melissa’s proven process to immediately identify exactly who your customers are and HOW TO SPEAK TO THEM so they flock to your services, products, and offerings, buy over and over again, and THANK YOU with ever-more-handsome paychecks, referrals, and repeat business.

Day 2


Change the way you do business: Discover a SIMPLE but PROFOUND business-shift that will permanently lift you out of the deadly gun-for-hire, time-for-dollars model you’ve been slaving under, and have you truly contributing quality goods and services to more and more clients in a sane and energizing way.


Expand with my “Highest-Service Six-Figure Surefire Sales Cycle” that will have you stop begging and start converting prospects at a dizzying rate — and loving sales in the process! I’ll give you WORD-FOR-WORD scripts that I use to capture six figures in less than 12 months, with more time off and more impact in my business than ever before.

Day 3


Build your business from zero to BIG in record-time, starting right away IN THE ROOM.  Using our proven-by-clients-JUST-LIKE-YOU, right-under-your-nose techniques to help you FIND NEW CUSTOMERS and GET THEM TO NOTICE YOU — even if you don’t have a list to speak of! (Even if you didn’t know you needed a list or what a “list” is, or what to do with it.)


Revolutionize your business for good with our proven BOOMING BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH PATH, featuring three key components to REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR BUSINESS for both quick cash-injection AND long-term, reliable growth. Many businesses fail because they don’t know how to grow. With this system, you’ll have a roadmap for creating continued success.

“I can’t thank you enough for your incredible coaching! I just signed another artist in London. I learned all of this from you! I just did the conversion from 5000 British Pounds to US dollars it becomes $6476!! Bless you!”

Laura Lundy

Producer and Coach of Blue Panther Productions

Venue & Travel

The Garland

We’re pleased to be hosting PLAY BIG! 2018 at the The Garland hotel in North Hollywood. Located at 4222 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91602. For more info on directions, parking and local transit, please visit The Garland’s website.


Burbank Bob Hope Airport – BUR

The Burbank Bob Hope Airport is the nearest airport to The Garland. Visit their site for more information on flights, car rental and other ground transportation, and more.

Los Angeles International Airport – LAX

The Garland is also easily accessible from LAX. Visit their site for more information on flights, car rental and other ground transportation, and more.



Please Note: Seats Are Limited

We’ve intentionally kept the attendance for this event small — limited to 100 serious entrepreneurs — so we can truly create an intimate, worthwhile experience. The room will literally only hold 100, so this year more than ever, you must get your tickets NOW.


I want to revolutionize my business so I can start living the life I imagined when I started it all in the first place!

Act Fast! Only $197 for a limited time (price will be going up soon)!

I am excited to attend the PLAY BIG Live Event at The Garland Hotel in North Hollywood, January 26–28th, 2018 and get these benefits:

  • The opportunity to participate in RIGHT-BRAIN/LEFT-BRAIN business training exercises in a dynamic group settings with an internationally-recognized master coach (and learn how to continue at home)
  • In-the-room training to make me comfortable, confident, and authentic with sales and marketing (practicing integrity and honesty while enjoying MASSIVE growth and success)
  • The opportunity to practice what I’ve learned and get direct feedback, inspiration, and guidance on the spot (so I move into action and learn by doing instead of just listening)
  • LIVE networking (and dozens of partner opportunities, connections, and potential accountability partners)
  • The opportunity to receive laser coaching from Melissa during Q&A portions of the day
  • Lots of opportunities to ask specific questions about my own business
  • Bonus information delivered by guest experts and luminaries in the creative entrepreneurial world, who will give me time-saving, money-boosting techniques to help me immediately transform my Creative Business and leap forward with confidence

Decide Now and Win Big

Reserve Your Seat Today! Admission is $997 Only $197 for a limited time (do act now, the price will be going up soon).

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