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October 6th-8th, 2023

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Get the Most out of Play BIG!

Upgrade your ticket now to get exclusive access to Melissa and our team of coaches at the 10th anniversary of our life-changing, 3-day business building event: Play BIG!

This priority registration means fewer people, faster access, and additional time to share your business and your goals with our team so the coaches are dialed in on how to help you best when the event begins. The personal, private coaching alone is worth over $800, and is invaluable when making important decisions in creating your business plan. This is a deal you don’t want to miss.

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Pre-Event Meet & Greet

PRE-EVENT MEET & GREET with MELISSA and team on Thursday evening: Our exclusive, can’t miss kick off to the event that gives you time with Melissa before she takes the stage for Play Big the next day. Time to meet each other, and Melissa’s ear and eye on your business to make sure you’re off on the right foot heading into the event.

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Private Q & A Session

“ASK MELISSA & TEAM ANYTHING” Q&A SESSION: Get your questions answered in a more intimate, relaxed setting (and learn from others as they ask their questions).

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Event Recordings

EVENT RECORDINGS: Get access to the recordings of the event 60 days after the event, so you can revisit your favorite segments.

Play Big! has been so successful in teaching creatives how to make a real living from their skill sets that we are now on our 9th year! And this year, we’re expanding our target audience to include those of you who want to do what we do, which is to provide business and personal coaching to others, so if you want to know learn the rinse and repeat method we’ve used to build our coaching program for twenty five years, or if you want to learn how to coach other artists in order to diversify your revenue streams, this is definitely for you.

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our creative bootcamp is for you

If You Are…

  • A Creator or Solo-Practitioner who wants to make a living with your workan artist, designer, coder, inventor, coach, writer, visionary, teacher or alternative practitioner
  • Eager to support others BUT… shy about sharing and asking for real help on your own genius ideas
  • Chronically overqualified and underpaid because you’re either working to lift up someone else’s dream or doing the W2 grind and relegating employing your authentic passion and truly valuable skills to “when you get some time” 
  • Bargaining with the freelance devil and pricing yourself straight to the bottom
  • Brilliantly broke! Pretending to be satisfied with a “modest lifestyle” because, you know, that whole “starving artist” thing
  • Coaching and healing others but not yourself?
  • Buried in unfinished projects and undeveloped ideas because you’re too busy making too little money working for others so you can maintain that, frankly, sucky “modest” lifestyle


our creative bootcamp is for you

If You’re Ready to…

  • Create a real living with your unique talents and skills  
  • Articulate and claim your big vision for your life and chart a course for being, doing, and having all that you desire
  • Realize your financial goals and have a positive impact, doing the work you know you are here to do
  • Find a better way to make your creativity pay by discovering how to smartly leverage your talents, skills and capabilities
  • Break free of the money roller coaster because you can’t build your life on the stress and worry of constant financial ups and downs
  • Stop compromising because yes, you can have “all the things” – a successful business, a loving relationship, time for family, travel, other passions – all of it!
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Completely change your business and your life in just three focused days

You could spend months learning the key parts of a successful business,  and STILL not know how to put them together to make money. 

We accelerate your success through a unique DO-IT-FOR-YOU then DO-IT-YOURSELF format. 

You see exactly how our clients get results, and then you put key pieces together, with everything you need to achieve your own success, delivered to you right IN THE ROOM!